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Prepare for Your Journey

Traveling overseas requires a lot of preparation, and the challenges can grow if you procrastinate on getting prepared. After applying, follow these steps to ensure your success!

Attend Our Spring Orientation Meetings (Optional)

Our Orientations are presentations meant to reduce the uncertainties that often accompany international travel. The focus of each is, of course, the traveler; but is also meant to connect and involve our families. Parents, spouses and friends are encouraged to attend. Comments collected over the past 40 years have characterized our Orientations as essential, entertaining, informative and reassuring.

There will be three meetings in total, all with differing instruction. They will include crucial information on trip safety, packing, law, forms, customs, and more.

All orientations are held at 7:00 PM at the Safety Harbor Community Center.

Safety Harbor Community Center
101 Second Street North
Safety Harbor, Florida 34659
S.X. Straub phone: (727) 243-8304

March Orientation

Staff Titles and Duties • “Adults” and “Minors” • Program Philosophy • Guide Books • Program Design • Passports • Luggage • Cameras • Spending Money • Credit Cards • Security

April Orientation

Packing • Shoes • Emergency Packets • Campus Rules • Foreign Currency • Wrap-Arounds • Medicine • Extreme Sports Choices • Hotels • Phoning Home

May Orientation

Final Departure Information • Last Minute Packing • Exchanging Currency • Budget • US Customers • Sign-Out Sheets • Culture Shock • Transatlantic Flight • TIA Check-in • Hour-by-Hour Itinerary

Acquire your Passport

Your Passport is your key to traveling between countries. You must ensure that you have one and that the one you have is not going to expire before or during the trip. If you’re all good on this front, skip to the next step.

Purchase Traveler’s Insurance

While this step is not required, it is highly recommended. We heavily endorse Travel Guard, and if you wish to purchase travel insurance, click on the image below to be linked to Travel Guard’s website.